About us

UAB "Suerteksa" is a private limited company registered in Lithuania and operating as a subcontractor in shipbuilding, ship repair/conversions and steel construction markets.

UAB "Suerteksa" was established in 2011 in continuation of another company UAB "SOTI Union" founded in 2002 belonging to the same owner. Original experience of the company is coming from shipbuilding activities at Baltija Shipyard (Klaipeda, Lithuania), where many ship blocks up to 500 t and superstructures up to 1000 t for different kind of vessels have been fabricated.

Today company is providing high skilled qualified workforce on subcontracting basis to other shipyards and fabrication companies. Contracts can be made on lumpsum or hourly basis as convenient to the customer. Our team is working totally independent with English speaking foreman, own equipment and tools, working closes and PPE. We take care of mobilization and lodging ourselves to minimize customer involvement.

UAB "Suerteksa" is also able to offer fabrication of steel constructions and small boats in Klaipeda. See more info in Production.

Today there are approx. 90 people working constantly in the company. In peak times in the past we mobilized up to 150-200 people.

In January 2014 Suerteksa have established its own production workshop in Klaipeda, Lithuania. It is located on Silutes pl. 101. There are approx. 845 m2 suitable for fabrication of steel constructions up to size and weight for shipment by truck. See more info in Production.

Thanks to its own production facilities, UAB "Suerteksa" is able not only to make fabrication services, but also to check and upgrade welders and fitters qualifications.

On 11th of September 2013 UAB "Suerteksa" quality management system was certified for ISO-9001:2008. In September 2014 company have been audited by DNV-GL and obtained ISO 3834-2:2005 certificate. In December 2014 company succesfully passed DNV Business Assurance audit for EN 1090 and on 23rd of Januray 2015 receved a EN 1090-1:2009 certificate. Now company is able to issue EC declaration and apply CE marking for the corresponding fabricated products.

Such certifications have raised our attitudes in respect to quality on all levels of the organization and have increaseв confidence of our customers in UAB "Suerteksa" capabilities.

Our main values are :