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UAB “Suerteksa” is a private limited company registered in Lithuania and operating as a subcontractor in shipbuilding, ship repair/conversions and steel construction markets.

UAB “Suerteksa” was established in 2011 in continuation of another company UAB “SOTI Union” founded in 2002 belonging to the same owner. Original experience of the company is coming from shipbuilding activities at Baltija Shipyard (Klaipeda, Lithuania), where many ship blocks up to 500 t and superstructures up to 1000 t for different kind of vessels have been fabricated.

Today company is providing high skilled qualified workforce on subcontracting basis to other shipyards and fabrication companies. Contracts can be made on lumpsum or hourly basis as convenient to the customer. Our team is working totally independent with English speaking foreman, own equipment and tools, working closes and PPE. We take care of mobilization and lodging ourselves to minimize customer involvement.

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