Review of 1st half 2021

1st half year 2021 is challenging, but better than 2nd half year 2020.

Workshop is running 100% of its capacity and it is even 10% better than in 2020.

Suerteksa continue to provide subcontracting services abroad: steelworks, piping, HVAC and hot outfitting installation works.

All foreign projects except German MV in Rostock and Wismar are reviving. 3 big shipbuilding projects at MT in Finland, NW in Germany and CDA in France are ongoing on normal level. There are several more minor shipbuilding projects in Finland (turn-key piping) and in France (assembling aluminum boats) which substitute loss of workload from German MV. Non-shipbuilding segment is represented with industrial stainless constructions in France and gas pipeline works (automatic orbital ).

In July Suerteksa re-started to operate in Philadelphia, USA. Philly Shipyard placed a big HVAC and steelwork order for its NSMV (national security multi-mission vessel) series of ships dedicated for training of US cadets and support in rescue operations. The series will be built in 2021-2024 years.