Review of year 2020

The year 2020 was incredible due to its record activities, new customers and very unusual due to COVID consequences.

286 – record number of employees at the beginning of the year followed with a slowdown on almost all projects due to pandemic. The company have immediately reacted and changed it strategy. The primary focus on cruise shipbuilding have been changed to non-shipbuilding related industries and several big projects for key customers have been substituted to numerous medium and small size projects. This helped company to keep busy on reasonable 80-85% level comparing to pre-COVID situation.

Suerteksa have made several contracts with new customers in France and Finland:

  • Stainless steel constructions in South of France (fitting and TIG welding of structures for power industry);
  • Piping activities (installation of different piping systems on cruise ships being built at CDA in Saint-Nazaire);
  • Turn-key project – installation of all major piping systems on newbuilding series being built in Finland;
  • Shipbuilding works of series of aluminum boats in France.

The production workshop in Klaipeda have never been so busy like in 2020. Company produced 33% more tons of different constructions in 2020 (695 t) comparing to 2019 (521 t).

Suerteksa UAB management is looking optimistic into 2021 and order book is full despite 2nd or 3rd COVID waves. We hereby thankful to all our suppliers and customers and we wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

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