2014 results

Management of UAB “Suerteksa” is proud to announce, that year 2014 was very successful for the company.
During recent 5 years turnover was constantly gradually increasing and have exceeded the level which was before crisis in 2008-2009.
Number of employees is growing as well and by the end of last year was more than 90 people.
Own workshop has been established for fabrication of steel constructions and for the purpose to check and train fitters and welders.
Company have passed ISO-9001 regular annual audit and have been certified for a new ISO 3834-2 standard. At the end of the year company successfully passed re-audit for EN 1090-1 (CE marking). This will open new markets for the company.
Just 2 years ago company was specializing only in shipbuilding segment and was collaborating with 1-2 customers. Today we are constantly working in 5-6 countries. Share of shipbuilding orders has been reduced to 50%, what is good from strategic point of view, allowing us to balance and keep stable situation if one or another market is decreasing.
Company opened new markets: oil&gas, wind-offshore, construction, steel cutting services.
Suerteksa continuously invests into its own production facilities. In 2014 purchased and put into operation : CNC plasma/gas cutting machine, press/puncher, pipe cutting saw, CNC milling machine. Workshop is equipped with modern welding equipment, bending rollers and flat stand for subassemblies. In 2015 there are plans to invest into bending press and perhaps into own blasting and painting chamber.
At the beginning of January 2015, Suerteksa has 100% workload for the coming perspective both in foreign projects, as well as in its own production workshop and continue employing new qualified skilled personnel for new projects.