Foreign projects news

In the fourth quarter of this year, as was planned by the enterprise development plan, Suerteksa continues to increase production in the shipbuilding field in Germany, including expanding the scope of work. The company plans in 2019 to double the volume of services for its customer in Germany. Also, active work is underway to find new partners, which will allow us to gain certain % on growing German shipbuilding.

The project of upgrade mega yacht pipelines was completed for one of the French customers. All works for manufacturing of pipelines, their verification, and certification by class were made at the company’s own facilities in Klaipeda. They were also transported to France and mounted on board of the yacht and handed over to end customer.

UAB Suerteksa and US partner company Suerteksa LLC continues to negotiate with potential customers in North America and plans to conclude new contracts in the second quarter of next year.

The planned number of personnel is growing by 35 – 40 specialists per year. The total number of employees will exceed 200 people in 2019

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