Investments in the workshop continue

As it was planned end last year, in 2015 company have stared investment program.

1. CNC milling machine Leadwell MCV 1300D
This is one of the biggest recent investments. CNC machine is capable to make different milling and drilling operations. Key figures:
X-axis travel – 1300 mm
Y-axis travel – 635 mm
Z-axis travel – 610 mm
Permissible load – 1000 kg
Taper – BT50
Here is a video of some drilling operations with changing different diameter drills.
Equipment have been tested and put into operation in February. First order was placed in March and it is in production now.

2. CNC plasma / gas cutting machines
Cutting table was lengthened, so from now we are able to cut steel plates up to 2,6×13 m

3. Transport.
Local logistic costs became quite high with an increase of services and operations. Therefore company invested in purchase of medium size truck – Nissan Cabstar. Cargo hold is 2,2 x 4,5 m capable to carry up to 2,5 tns.

4. New welding equipment for 141 procedure.
With an increase of scope of stainless steel production both inside own workshop and on customer sites, Suerteksa decided to purchase a new TIG welding machine – TETRIX 230 AC/DC from German producer “EWM HIGHTEC Welding”.

5. Marking device.
In order to comply with EN 1090-1 standard regulations and CE marking Suerteksa purchased a special device – Markator MV5_ZE301XL.

In the nearest plans:
– renting additional areas under roof due to increased production volumes. Total areas will increase approx 30% (from April);
– build-up of blasting / painting chamber approx 140 m2 (from June);
– purchase of bending press 100 tns capacity.