Outfitting and piping systems

Suerteksa continue to develop new direction of its subcontracting services. Mounting of different type piping systems and installation of outfitting components is made on cruise ships, being built in France and Germany. We are experienced in mounting of WT and sliding doors, hatches, stairs, foundations, outside catwalks, masts, steel ducts, cable trays, penetrations, etc. Works are performed on different projects in France and in Germany. The company is also negotiating to start such activities on its present project in Finland and new projects in North America. For the moment there are 40 pipe fitters and specialized welders (manual, TIG and semi-automatic) busy on such projects and company is actively hiring new personnel with relevant experience in such field. It is planned to reach approx. 60-70 people busy in outfitting and piping activities in 2020.

Right now there are 230 employees in Suerteksa UAB. The company operates in Europe and North America and provides steelwork and hot-work outfitting / piping services on subcontracting basis. There are also own production facilities located in Klaipeda, where different steel constructions are produced for shipbuilding, civil construction and oil&gas offshore markets. The company is certified under ISO 9001, ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090-1 exc 2.