Rilland project

In May of 2015 we have finished 240 meters length highway bridge reconstruction, in between of Bergen-op-Zoom and Rilland (122 km of A58 motorway), repair works. Expected end of work was extended from March to May, due to increased scope of work. Team of 12 persons, were handling works on this project: 4 welders, 6 fitters managed by 2 foreman’s. In cooperation with Belgium company we have managed to accomplish all bridge strengthening and repair works, necessary for lifting the bridge up.
Bridge was not renovated, since it was built 40 years ago, all repair works shall assure exploitation of the bridge for 30 more years. Main works on this project was to: change deteriorated parts and inserts, bridge section strengthening (with T-profiles and stiffeners), strengthening of bridge connection sections with 100mm up to 300mm steel blocks, drilling holes and tightening on bolts by torquing them according to special procedure with “Hytorc” equipment, welding seam tension and fatigue prevention using “PIT – Pneumatic Impact Treatment“ technology, bridge handrail changing etc.