100 employees

First time in Suerteksa UAB history there are 100 people employed on constant basis ! This is one more sign of steady gradual development of the company. Number of employees is not growing too fast. Just 10-15 people per annum in recent two years period. All new workers who are being employed goes through careful and deep check in company’s training center arranged in its workshop in Klaipeda, Silutes 101. Doesn’t matter if this is fitter or welder, any new person is passing a special dedicated test according to his specialty and qualification. Management have to witness in the performance and quality of the person before sending to any project abroad or using in Klaipeda production premises.
In 2013 – 1st half 2014 most of projects were in Finland. In 2nd half 2014 and beginning 2015 situation have changed and most of our projects today are in France. However we continue working with Belgium, Dutch, German, Swedish and Finnish customers.
During last two years company managed to diversify its activities and if in 2013 100% of activities was dedicated only for shipbuilding market, today it is only 50%. Remaining 50% are distributed in wind-offshore, civil construction and oil&gas segments.