Annual audit for Quality Management Systems

Suerteksa UAB have passed a regular annual audit for its quality management systems: ISO-9001, ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090. It is 2 years since Suerteksa have obtained ISO-9001 certificate which is a “paramount” in Quality Management Systems. At the beginning it was RMRS (Russian Maritime Register of Shipping) who have certified our company, but later Suerteksa switched to DnV-GL, because it was necessary to obtain other standards.
Working in different countries and for different customers Suerteksa noticed, that majority of clients highly value those subcontracting companies which are not simply providing labor workforce, but also have their own production facilities. This is not only because of security, that such subcontractor is pre-testing their workforce before sending abroad, but also the basis for more deep and structured quality organization of the subcontractor. Customer is confident in quality of subcontractor works If such company have ISO 3834-2 for welding quality control.
EN 1090 certification have opened another room for Suerteksa. Now we are able to produce civil construction projects and put CE marking on it. During 2015 there were 2 projects performed under this standard requirement.
Suerteksa is looking forward to develop further its quality system and ready to start certification for other standards reacting in advance for future market needs.