Another new order from Finland

Suerteksa started collaboration with Finnish shipyard Arctech (hereinafter AHS) for fabrication of different type outfitting components for ice-breaking vessels being built in Helsinki. This is not the first time when our company is working together with Helsinki based shipyard. In 2011 NB506 hull was erected by our shipbuilders. This time – project for production in Klaipeda.
First trial order for 8 tns of foundations dedicated for NB-511 and NB-512 was placed end of August and delivered in September. After successful delivery of trial order, AHS continued with another orders for 160 ladders, 67 manholes and 32 hatches. Some of the components were delivered painted, some hot-dip galvanized, rest oiled. More orders are expected in the nearest time for the current and forthcoming newbuildings.