Production in the workshop

1. A contract was signed with one of the French customers for the manufacturing of steel constructions with a total weight of about 170 tons per year. All parts are produced in accordance with the requirements of ISO 1090-2 and ISO 3834. Deliveries are made on regular basis and it is planned that production volumes will double for this customer.


2. Apart of traditional shipbuilding market, UAB Suerteksa also has orders for OIL & GAS market. This year the first order was fulfilled for a customer specializing in renewable energy. It was a pilot project in this segment. The customer has highly appreciated the product quality and full compliance with its ISO 1090-2 standard. In case of successful implementation of the experimented products, the company will get more orders on permanent basis. This small contribution to the development of alternative energy sources will help us make the world cleaner and safer in future.

3. The company has produced a new batch of ship ventilation systems for the German customer. The first order was successfully delivered in October. A framework agreement is currently being developed which will ensure a constant workload for the company for several years to come. The planned production volume is 4-5 tons per month.

The company continued cooperation with its regular customers, which allowed to increase production volumes by 20-30% this year. Contracts are also concluded for the next year with new customers to produce typical ship outfitting components (railings, ladders, stairs, ventilation ducts, etc.) on an ongoing basis, which will make it possible to increase production output by at least another 10-15% next year.

One of Suerteksa priorities is to develop its own production facilities, modernization existing park of equipment and expand range of services and production capacity. The traditional main metal processing processes are : steel plates cutting (hydro-abrasive, plasma, gas and laser), welding all type of welds, including robotic welding of three-dimensional parts, CNC machining (milling, turning, electro-erosion). This year company have added painting polymer coatings with baking layer at high temperatures (so called powder coating) while investing funds in equipment for traditional surface treatment (sandblasting surfaces and airless paint coating).

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