Workshop production in 2017

Year 2017 was one more development year in Klaipeda based workshop of Suerteksa UAB. Totally about 200 tons of different steel constructions and components were produced and shipped to customers. To wit :
45 t of steel ducts for shipyards in Rauma and Turku, Finland;
15 t of Zn galvanized and painted railings, 12 t of foundations, 25 t of vertical ladders and stairs, 10 t of manholes and hatches, for icebreakers and tanker being built at Arctech in Helsinki, Finland;
20 t of different outfittings such as vertical ladders, stairs, railings, inspection doors, foundations for passenger ferry being built in Rauma, Finland;
90 t of different outfitting components such as deflectors, hatches, manholes, foundations, supports, catwalks, stairs, vertical ladders, coamings , lugs, handles, masts, etc for cruise ships being built at STX, Saint-Nazaire, France.
On top of just normal steelwork, Suerteksa UAB have also delivered a lot of components with machining services thanks to its CNC turning and milling park of equipment.

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