Piping activities

Suerteksa continues to develop piping direction of its business activities.
In its workshop steel pipes are being prefabricated for 3 customers and volumes increase from month to months. Pipes are Zn galvanized in Latvia and shipped to Finland and Germany.
The total number of pipe fitters has reached 60 people and continue to grow. There are also 10 TIG pipe welders. The plan is to reach 100 pipefitters by end of 2020. Current piping installation projects are in Finland and in Germany. Both projects contain different pipe systems and pipes are from different materials: steel, plastic, CuNi, stainless etc. In 2019 there was a small project in France where Suerteksa TIG welders have been welding CuNi alloy pipe fittings of big diameter.
On top of this, Suerteksa is busy on gas pipeline project, where 10 specially trained orbital automatic welding operators are working. The project is implemented in Germany and Czech republic.
Suerteksa is constantly looking for skilled pipe fitters, pipe welders (MIG/MAG/TIG) and pipe supervisors. English speaking persons are most wanted.